About Me

I'm a writer-artist-musician-creatrix, a blue-collar web professional, a martial artist, a nature and animal nut, a dinosaur geek, an empath, a skeptic, a synesthete, a thinker-feeler-sometimes-doer, a scientist at heart, a lazy ass, a self-centric bastard, a compassionate attempting-zen almost-Taoist, a Water person, a manifestation of the Shapeshifter archetype, the opposite of the Red Lady, satyr-led, a human-male cat-female weird-ass genderfuck, neuroatypical, mountain-born-and-bred, asocial, a crazy-fast typist, a lover of gusting winds and thunderstorms, a winter hibernator, a spring person, seasonally sad, the king of self-control, an emotional pacifist, slightly traumatized, an outsider, a paradigm-shifter, a rock-scrambler, territorial, bigger than I look, a mintaholic, a sky-watcher, a spiritualist-animist-pagan, a mountain-liver, a roadtripper, a pleasure-driver, a hedonist, beringed to my amazing leopard mate, caretaker of six mammals and two dragons, complementary to red and Fire, functionally Sphinxish, student of Snake and Wolf, a perpetual self-evolver and skin-shedder, my own life-guide, constantly impermanent, super-selective about media, a magic-maker, a conversationalist with stoplights, violently avoidant of news and politics and pop culture, a book hoarder, a knife-bearer, oblivious and sensitized, a music-breather, and a paradox.

I write about a lot of the above on this site. Go look around if you want details.

Contact: You can reach me at serpentscribe@gmail.com.

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